LPG Association name change

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis unlike any we have ever seen before. It has the potential to disrupt not only our day to day lives but also established markets— with LPG no exception.


We are going through uncharted territories. It requires all of us to remain positive about the future, overcome our own concerns to be able to support others, remain flexible to adapt to a changing environment and make a difference.


We are fortunate to operate in an industry that promotes an exceptional energy, an efficient and clean burning fuel that can help reduce indoor and outdoor air pollution, a portable energy solution that can contribute to alleviate energy poverty.


In the South African context, the LPG market has a significant untapped growth potential – in particular to alleviate ESKOM’s burden – and is driving increasing attention from all stakeholders, including at government level. With the planned increase of the country import and storage capability, this is the right time to unleash the potential of LPG!


In this overall context, it is with great excitement and pride that I announce a new name for our LP Gas Association. The Board of Directors of the Association has decided that it will be known as The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of South Africa, or LPGSA.


The name change reflects a strategic shift to broaden LPGSA’s mandate to not only promote the safe, compliant use of LPG, but also to advocate for LPG’s exceptional benefits over other energies in South Africa.


Of course, safety will remain a core focus of LPGSA’s work, and the LPGSA will continue to run training courses and certify installers, manufacturers and distributors of LPG and LPG equipment.


As increased national attention is focused on LPG, it is fitting that the LPGSA leads the way as the face of LPG and the representative of its members.


Alongside the new name, we have also revised our corporate branding, which you can see on this letter.


We are fortunate to be witnessing the dawn of a new era of LPG in South Africa, and it is fitting that it also heralds a new era for the industry’s representative body. Welcome, all, to LPGSA.


Kind regards

Walter Sanchez, Chairman, LPGSA


The strategic overview which prompted the change of name to LPGSA was one which had been long anticipated. For decades that Association has been confident in the benefits of LPG as an energy source, and keen for it to become a fundamental component of South Africa’s energy mix. However, we were nonetheless not able to promote its benefits as widely as we would have liked. The reason was simple: there wasn’t enough of it to go around.


That is now changing, and we are finally able to communicate the benefits of LPG to a nation under extreme energy pressure.


As we do so, we will not neglect our previous core focus areas: safety, training and compliance. Indeed, it is more important than ever that we as an industry commit to diligently making sure we are safe, skilled and compliant.


It has also never been more important for the industry to work together to make a case for the benefits of our product. We have in front of us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ensure that LPG receives the attention and consideration it deserves.


The LPGSA is also more focused than ever before on ensuring it provides a valuable service to its members.


As acting MD of LPGSA, I feel both the weight of responsibility to our members and to the industry at large, and also tremendously excited to be part of the LPG story at this critical juncture.


Kind regards

Nirvan Brijlal, Acting Managing Director, LPGSA